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Appearing regularly at live venues big and small. 

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Multiple TV shows that include my appearances on “show me the funny”.

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Event host

No stranger to standing in front of an audience, I regularly act as host or compere for private and public events.

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Multiple Radio show appearances, including as host of What's the Story?

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Perhaps not quite there with Jack London, but the call of the keyboard is hard to resist..

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Absolutely brilliant!

Ross Noble & Bob Mortimer talk Dan Mitchell..

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A joy to watch!

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Experience Dan Mitchell live

I regularly appear live on stage, screen or Radio, at big venues as well as smaller, more intimate places (no, not those places). It’s not possible to replicate the dynamic of a live performance and the connection with the audience that only a live appearance can make possible. Larger venues are great to perform in, but it’s the small intimate gigs where the connection is strongest and the audience can help me hone my material so everyone gets to experience the best Dan Mitchell possible.

Please check out my facebook and twitter feeds to know where I’ll be appearing next, it’s absolutely the best way to experience the world according to Dan Mitchell, after all what other world is there?

Dan Mitchell on TV and Video

My breakthrough on TV was an ITV series called “Show me the funny”. Not only was I out there in front of the nation, I was being judged by a panel of comedic legends. It was an experience I’ll never forget, the judges will never forget (probably) and large swathes of the nation will never forget (possibly). If you missed it then you can catch some of the best bits (ie my performances) on youtube

Following “Show me the funny” (I came second, first was already taken, apparently) I’ve appeared on several BBC Wales shows and you can catch me on some of Rhod Gilbert’s DVDs, in the extras. He did want it to be the other way around, but I insisted..

I’ve been fortunate to take part in several TV programmes, sometimes to discuss my own shows, or to participate in a discussion to give it a humorous element or just contribute my views and outlook on more serious subjects. 

Recently I’ve been busy making “Boxfull”,  for Made in Cardiff TV. Did I mention I wrote, produced and starred in it? Well I have now..

..and  just when you think Dan Mitchell isn’t going to be on TV, you may well be getting a little of the Dan Mitchell magic on that voiceover that you’re listening to. Enjoy.

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Dan Mitchell live event host

My experience as a live entertainer and media host has given me the skills to be a great event host and I adapt my own perspective to the occasion bringing some of the Dan Mitchell experience to make your event a success.

Experienced at hosting large events, such as awards ceremonies and charity auctions, as well as providing entertainment for functions, I will happily work with the organisers to determine the tone and style that will make sure its a cracking night for everyone..

I’m happy to provide references on request, just get in contact and we can discuss how I can help you to make your event a success.

Contact Dan about your event

Hosted events

Leeds SU Awards ceremony 2016

Macmillan Charity Event 2016

Election Results host Huddersfield Student's Union2016

Christmas party After dinner Performance Finance 2016

Christmas party After dinner Standard Chartered 2015

Tenovus Bollywood Ball, auctioneer and MC 2015

Virgin Media awards ceremony entertainment, 2015

Revlon after dinner entertainment, 2015

National Union of Students UK, host of annual awards ceremony 2014

National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) Inspire Awards, host of annual awards ceremony 2014

Huddersfield Students Union, host of annual awards ceremony, 2014/2015

National Union of Students, Master of Ceremonies, 40th Anniversary dinner (bilingual)

National Union of Students Wales, host of annual awards ceremony 2014

National Union of Students Scotland, host of annual awards ceremony 2014

National Union of Disabled Students conference, after dinner entertainment 2014

Cardiff University Athletic Union, host of annual awards ceremony 2014

Aberystwyth Students Union University Athletic Union, after dinner entertainment during annual awards ceremony 2014

National Union of Students UK, host of annual awards ceremony 2013

National Union of Students Wales, host of annual awards ceremony 2013

Commentator for Cardiff – Swansea University Varsity rugby match at Millennium Stadium, 2013

Trinity St David Students' Union Sabbatical night 2013

Cardiff University Athletic Union, host of annual awards ceremony 2013

Bliss Children's charity auction and host 2013

Size of Wales charity auction, host, 2013

Treorchy’s Got Talent, 2013

Dan Mitchell on the radio

I’ve been very priviledged to be part of quite a few radio programmes - from the serious to the humorous.

You may have heard me presenting the BBC Radio Wales‘ comedy news quiz “What’s the Story?” as well as being a regular guest on BBC Radio Wales' "The Jamie Owen Show".

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Dan Mitchell yn Gymraeg

Rwyf wedi bod yn falch iawn o berfformio comedi yn Gymraeg ar gyfer sioe S4C "Gig-L" yn ogystal â "Gwerthu Allan".

Byddwn wrth fy modd yn gwneud mwy!

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Dan Mitchell, writer.

Writing isn’t easy, it takes hard work and practice. And a few commas and other stuff.

I’m not at all known as a writer, but for years I’ve been doing it behing the scenes - comedy routines, sketches, speeches - all those things that get done but are never seen.

I’ve recently completed a series of TV sketches all put together as “Boxfull” for Made in Cardiff TV - a lot of writing that hopefully makes TV work and puts a smile on people’s faces. Hopefully it puts a smile on your face.

Taking this further and exploring creative writing has been a joy for me and I hope at some stage even more of my creativity will be there for you to read or experience in other ways in the near future. Watch this space (why do people say that? - it makes dripping paint something to aspire to).

Size of Wales

Protecting an area of rainforest twice the
Size of Wales

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Contact Dan Mitchell

I’d love to hear from you. I don’t mind if you just want to say ‘hello’ or to ask if I can help you with a project. If I’m strictly honest I’d prefer a message about a two year booking in vegas, but I’m equally happy to help out at your event, or just touch base. Just as long as Vegas doesn’t call.

Seriously, if there’s something on your mind, get in contact!